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Nestled in the heart of the picturesque North Shore of Long Island, our charming 1 or 2 bedroom cottage rentals offer the perfect setting for your special events in addition to single night stays. Whether you're planning a wedding event, a family reunion, or a corporate retreat, our versatile spaces provide a beautiful and inviting atmosphere to make your occasion truly memorable. 

Intimate Gatherings in Our Private Pavilion

When you book our cottages, you can elevate your special event with our brand new private pavilion, the perfect complement to an intimate gathering of up to 100 guests. Imagine exchanging vows, celebrating a milestone, or hosting a corporate function in this stunning, modern space, surrounded by the natural beauty of the North Fork.


What You Need to Know

Weekend Rates (non-holiday, Thursday to Saturday, 2-night minimum)

1 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $375/night

May 22nd - September 2nd: $575/night

September 3rd - October 31st: $475/night

November 1st - November 30th: $275/night

2 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $395/night

May 22nd - September 2nd: $595/night

September 3rd - October 31st: $495/night

November 1st - November 30th: $295/night

Weekday Rates (non-holiday, Sunday - Wednesday, 2-night minimum*)

1 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $275/night

May 22nd - September 2nd: $375/night

September 3rd - October 31st: $325/night

November 1st - November 30th: $225/night

2 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $295/night

May 22nd - September 2nd: $395/night

September 3rd - October 31st: $375/night

November 1st - November 30th: $250/night

*add $75 for 1-night stays on weekdays

Holiday Rates (2-night or 3-night minimum*)

1 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $475/night

May 22nd - September 2nd: $625/night

September 3rd - October 31st: $500/night

November 1st - November 30th: $375/night

2 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $495/night

May 22nd - September 2nd: $650/night

September 3rd - October 31st: $525/night

November 1st - November 30th: $450/night

*Holiday 2 or 3-night minimum depending on Holiday/Dates

Weekly Rates (7 nights)

1 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $1,420/week

May 22nd - September 2nd: $1,825/week

September 3rd - October 31st: $1,575/week

November 1st - November 30th: $1,015/week

2 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $1,525/week

May 22nd - September 2nd: $1,950/week

September 3rd - October 31st: $1,725/week

November 1st - November 30th: $1,125/week

Monthly Rates (30 nights)

1 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $5,700/month

May 22nd - September 2nd: $7,250/month

September 3rd - October 31st: $6,275/month

November 1st - November 30th: $4,125/month

2 Bedroom Cottage

April 1st - May 21st: $6,125/month

May 22nd - September 2nd: $7,650/month

September 3rd - October 31st: $7,250/month

November 1st - November 30th: $4,850/month

All rates includes 4 guests (combination of adults and children). Additional guests under the age of 18 are $10/night and $25/night for adults.

Occupancy tax of 5.5% added to all prices except monthly rates.

Ready to Book?

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