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Savor the Harvest of the North Fork


Immerse yourself in the agricultural bounty of the North Fork by visiting the region's charming farms and farm stands. Pick your own fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the fields, wander through fragrant lavender fields, sample homemade jams, pies, and honey from local purveyors, and learn about sustainable farming practices. Many farms also offer delightful experiences like hayrides & petting zoos for children. With its fertile soils and passionate farming community, the North Fork invites you to savor the true flavors of this remarkable rural region.

Lavender by the Bay.png

Lavender by the Bay, a family-owned and operated lavender farm established in 2002, is located in East Marion and Calverton, New York. Visit either of their properties for an unforgettable experience. Get your favorite lavender products at their expansive farm shops, where fresh and dried bouquets, handmade sachets, lavender oils and lotions, and much more will make the perfect gifts-- for yourself or others.

Distance: 2.5 miles

The Farm Stand: Their produce is harvested daily from their fields and brought to your table. The Farm Stand boasts seasonal flowers, fruits,  vegetables, and off-season preserves, including pickles, pestos, compound butter, quiche, and more. As they strive to be a one-stop shop for your culinary needs, their farming friends supply the stand with eggs, mushrooms, cheese, oysters, lamb, and grass-fed beef.

Distance: 3.3 miles

KKs Farm Stand.webp
Deep Roots Farm

Deep Roots Farm is a family-owned farm in the North Fork of Long Island. Its animals, including pigs, chickens, and egg-laying hens, are raised sustainably and pasture-raised. The farm's on-site farm stand is open year-round, seven days a week. Visitors can purchase their pasture-raised meats and eggs and produce directly from the stand.

Distance: 3.7 miles

Bhavana Berries is a 30+ acre organic blueberry orchard located on the North Fork of Long Island.  The farm is open to the public from July to late August for U-Pick blueberries.  In addition to blueberries, they grow organic garlic that may be available at their farmstand in front of the farm.

Distance: 4.7 miles

Bhavana Berries.jpg
Sang Lee Farm.jpeg

Sang Lee Farms is a certified organic vegetable farm located in Peconic, New York, on the North Fork of Long Island. It is one of the last large vegetable farms in Suffolk County, Long Island, organically growing over 100 varieties of specialty vegetables, greens, and herbs. They use sustainable and regenerative farming practices like cover cropping, limited tillage, water conservation through micro-drip irrigation, and integrated pest management with beneficial insects.

Distance: 7.5 miles

8 Hands Farm is guided by a desire to connect their customers to their food by letting them know who they are and their farmers and understand how their food is raised and grown. Their heritage sheep, pigs, and chickens are raised on pasture, and organic practices are employed in vegetable and herb gardens. At their on-site farm store and butcher shop, you can purchase pasture-raised and grass-fed meats, pastured eggs, produce, and fiber products from our flock of Icelandic sheep. 

Distance: 8.5 miles

8 Hands Farm
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